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My name’s Andy, and I’m a Scotsman living in Seoul, Korea.

When I came to Korea in 2009, I fell in love with the food – but it was complicated. Pots arrived at the table bubbling with – well, who knew? Restaurants bustled with chattering locals and surly ajummas who had little patience for hesitating foreigners. And my hasty Hangeul practice on the flight over hadn’t prepared me for kimbap places where the menus were handwritten top-to-bottom.

This blog is my attempt to help others navigate these waters. The focus is on sharing great places to try the best in Seoul’s native and foreign food, explaining and demystifying common Korean dishes for the newcomer (and foreign restaurants for my Korean readers), and doing my bit to open up this strange, wonderful, alien city to those who, like me, occasionally find themselves lost in translation.

A note on the posts

Most of the posts here are restaurant and cafe reviews, with the odd bar thrown in. These are for those who want to get out and about and explore Seoul’s eating holes, but don’t necessarily know many places beyond their comfort zone around apartment or workplace (or Itaewon). The write-ups include, where possible, some or most of the following: maps with clear directions from the nearest subway station or landmark; photos of the sign or entrance; and photos of the menu, with crucial bits translated into English. They also show rough price ranges from $ to $$$$ for those of us trying to save money for our next holiday.

All photos on the blog are mine, unless otherwise indicated.

The Seoul Food map, linked to at the top of the page, shows all the places I have reviewed on an interactive Google map of the city.

An invitation

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, want to share a place for me to investigate, or went to eat somewhere on the strength of a recommendation here and want to pass on your thoughts, please do leave a message. You can email me, leave a comment, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ll be thrilled by any and all feedback.


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    August 29, 2014

    Please more Daechi Dong reviews!

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    August 7, 2015

    Can’t figure out how to send you an email so will post here. I’m an expat(Ami) living in seoul with a Korean wife. I’m a foodie as well and having been in Singapore last year and enjoying the same places and boozes I think we may share much in common. Maybe we could met up somewhere over food and drink. Let me know if tie at all interested.

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      August 8, 2015

      Can’t work out how to send you an email! Anyway, you can email me at aahume74 AT Drop me a line!

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    Alex Ham
    October 4, 2016

    Andy! Seen you name pop up here and there…I guess FB? I’m not sure but now I have come across your blog. Any case, if you’re ever in the Chungdam-dong area, please stop by for some NY Style pizza! Hope to meet you soon. Alex

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      October 12, 2016

      I’ll do that! Thanks Alex!

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    Golmok Gourmet
    February 13, 2017

    My name is Eileen and I’m helping organize Golmok Gourmet, a pop-up restaurant event taking place at Urban Collective (adjacent to Vatos Itaewon) at the end of this month.

    We thought this pop-up event would appeal to your readers as well. This year’s Golmok Gourmet features three separate pop-up dinners with three rising chefs on the weekend of February 24–26.
    Feb. 24 (Fri): D. Christian Kim, El Pino 323 || Homestyle Mexican (4 courses) 65,000 KRW
    Feb. 25 (Sat): Matthew J. Chung, The Beastro || New American (5 courses) 65,000 KRW
    Feb. 26 (Sun): Joseph Lidgerwood, Josephs Korea || Modern Korean (6 courses) 75,000 KRW
    **Guest Bartender: Bob Louison, Bob’s Speakeasy by Burn 2/24 -2/25
    **Sommeliers: Jisung Chun, Korean Rice Wine Sommelier and a storyteller & Yong Gon Yu, TBA 2/26e

    Registration/tickets are available at and you can find details on the Facebook event page.

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