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Bite-size Review: The 100 Burger in Haebangchon

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At lunchtime today I headed up the steep, steep Haebangchon hill to The 100, a brand new hole-in-the-wall burger and sandwich joint in a backstreet near the o-gori at the top of the hill. Also known as 더백푸드트럭, it’s a nice little spot, albeit a bit out of the way of the main HBC / Gyeongnidan action, although as the Korean name suggests there is a food truck of the same name which hopefully will be popping up closer to sea level for those of us who need a bus to get up the road at the best of times.

This is only a “bite-size” review, as I had a burger and nothing else on the menu, and was in and out in twenty minutes. But I’ll certainly be back to try the other items on offer.


The menu (all in Korean) comprises nachos, a Cubano sandwich, a couple of different burgers and one or two other bits and pieces, as well as juices and beers. I had the 100 Burger – always best to try the signature dish, I think. The 200g patty was handmade in front of me, and it came out with some mixed greens, tomato, swiss (I think) cheese, sauteed onions and a little bit of a sauce with some wholegrain mustard – yum.


There was also a nice and tangy coleslaw – I’m not generally a fan but I had a few forkfuls and was surprisingly happy to be eating it. Despite what the photo above might suggest, it wasn’t overloaded with mayo.


Verdict? It was very tasty. Hard to eat, even with the ubiquitous wooden skewer holding it together, it nearly fell apart on me a couple of times, and I found myself scarfing it down quickly just to make sure I didn’t lose any on the ground. That quibble aside, it was a nice burger at a very reasonable price – 7,000 won. The leaves were not your standard-in-Korea massive lettuce overkill, but complemented the nicely seasoned meat well. I stood outside eating in the sunshine and it fortified me nicely for an afternoon of work.


Despite three burger joints in a row on the HBC main drag – the divisive Jacoby’s, the somewhat meh Burgermine and the execrable Bombs Burger, which I’ve never forgiven for replacing Two Hands Burger – this is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, and I’ll be back.

  • Category: Burger
  • Price: $$$$
  • Must try: The 100 Burger
  • Subway: not really
  • Directions: From HBC o-gori (do yourself a favour and get the bus), walk along the street with the convenience store on the lefthand corner and Namsan on your right. You’ll get to The 100 about three or four minutes along the road, on your left.
  • Hours: Apparently 11:30am – 10pm, but don’t take my word for it. It’s newly open so hours may vary.



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