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Casablanca’s new menu

restaurants | March 30, 2016 | By

The legendary Casablanca Sandwicherie recently celebrated its fifth anniversary as one of HBC’s best-loved institutions. They’ve marked the occasion by expanding the menu, which previously was comprised almost solely of baguettes (albeit fantastic ones). 


You can now order a platter, which is basically a deconstructed version of their sandwiches, with meat, salad vegetables and bread.


But there’s no doubting the star of the new menu. Casablanca’s shakshuka is the sort of dish you’re looking forward to ordering again even as you’re eating it, and just typing these words has decided me on going there for lunch again today.


Shakshuka is one of those foods that a number of countries fight over; depending on who you believe, it’s North African, Ottoman, even Israeli. It’s simple enough: tomato, onion, some cumin and chilli, with an egg or two poached in the sauce until just set. Simple, but oh so good.


At Casablanca your shakshuka comes with a choice of lamb mince (above), chicken, shrimp or vegetarian options. After a few minutes wait, it arrives at the table bubbling under the lid of a Moroccan tagine, which owner Wahid Naciri removes with a flourish to reveal the spicy, aromatic goodness.


Served with some good bread to mop up the sauce, the only real question is which variety of shakshuka you choose to order. The lamb is my favourite, but the chicken version (above) is also exceptionally good. I suspect you could poach some old shoe leather in this sauce and it would taste fantastic.


All the favourite sandwiches remain on the menu, and remain magnificent. As well as the main ingredient of choice, be it meat, chicken, shrimp or veggies, there’s some fried mashed potato, salad vegetables, pickle and mayo. The bread is perfect, too. These are the best sandwiches in Seoul, bar none.


Don’t forget the lentil soup either – a nice hint of spice and warmth pervades the dark lentils, and it’s terrific value at just 2,000 won. You can get these to go, or even delivered via Bird Riders if you live close enough.


If I’m fanboying a bit, then no apologies, because we are lucky to have Casablanca. I used to go in only sporadically, mostly because their opening hours clashed with my working hours. Now that they open from 1pm until around 9:30-10, I’ve been popping in more and more frequently. If you haven’t been here, make sure you visit soon! And here’s to another five years.


  • Category: Sandwich
  • Price: $$$$
  • Must try:  Lamb chili shakshuka (9,000 won)
  • Subway: Noksapyeong Station (녹사평역) exit 2
  • Directions: Casablanca is on the main Haebangchon road, on the left next to Le Cafe and just a couple of doors along from Phillies pub. From the exit of Noksapyeong station, walk up the road towards Namsan and bear left at the kimchi pots. You’ll get to Casablanca after four or five minutes.
  • Hours: Open 1:00 – 10:00pm, Tuesday – Sunday. They also do takeaway and, if you live close enough, delivery via Bird Riders. You can also check their Facebook page



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