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Review: El Greco’s, Gyeongnidan

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Having opened in early 2012, El Greco’s is now well-established in the up-and-coming Gyeongnidan area. It’s a small place which seeks to recreate the authentic taste of a Greek souvlaki restaurant. Since I have family in Greece, and crave this stuff more often than normal people, I come here quite often.

Basically there are five main courses on the menu. Gyros, which is the Greek answer to the doner kebab (pork, chicken or lamb meat carved off a rotating spit); souvlaki, the equivalent with chunks of meat instead of carved scraps; falafel; calamari, and fish & chips. The first two come either wrapped in pita bread or, as above, served on a plate with some salad and the pita on the side, which is the way I prefer it. There’s also an awesome Moroccan lamb soup which is really nice.

The meat was flavoursome if authentically greasy; the pita was excellent. The tomatoes weren’t up to much, but expecting Greek-standard tomatoes in Korea would be ridiculous. The tzatziki was very nice – a bit lighter than the gloopy mixtures you typically get in the Greek islands, but excellent with the bread and meat.

IMG_2234There are also drinks on the menu – beers range from 6-8000 won, with bottles of Australian wine at around 35K. There’s also a range of constantly changing special offers on beers, wines and cocktails. The day I was in, the guy was playing some pretty good music too, which was a surprise – but with only 14 seats, I’m not sure if you’re going to sit there drinking all Sunday, cheap wine or not.

IMG_2237El Greco’s is a good option for a light-ish lunch, or HBC dwellers who want to grab a bite on the way into Itaewon. The gyros set, with pita bread, fries and soft drink, is 11,500W; the full plate as shown above is 13,500. It’s not that cheap, but the food is right on the money and worth a detour.

  • Category: Greek
  • Price: $$$$
  • Subway: Noksapyeong exit 2
  • Directions: Coming from Noksapyeong station (or Itaewon), come out of exit 2 and walk up the road towards Namsan / Haebangchon. Take the underpass under the road to the right hand side and turn right at Noxa. El Greco is about 2 minutes further, on the left, where the small alleyway joins the street. Coming from HBC, cross over the bridge and head down the alleyway past The Baker’s Table (just before Craftworks). At the end of the alleyway (which is filled with little mom-and-pop style Korean places) is El Greco’s, on your left.


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