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Fat Cat’s new menu

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The cafe opposite Bonny’s Pizza has undergone more changes than David Bowie in his pomp. For a long time it was the home of the late lamented Indigo, a veritable Haebangchon institution. More recently it morphed into Good to Go, briefly housed the popular Italian restaurant Il Gattino, and then became Fat Cat, before adding a very shortlived “food truck” counter serving up sandwiches and subs to the late-night crowd. IMG_4625

The space has now been reinvented yet again, split into three. The corner is occupied by The Concorde, which is a nice-looking cocktail bar; in the middle, we have Midori Neko, which offers lovely-looking Japanese cakes and pastries. The right hand side of the ground floor houses Fat Cat in its newest incarnation, and I’m pleased to say that the standard of food remains pretty high.



The menu is more pared-down from what you may be used to, and concentrates solely on a few well-made sandwiches and salads, though there will be more items added in future. There’s also the usual coffees and teas, obviously.


The chicken pesto was a much-loved sandwich back in the day, though personally the chicken cheddar was my favourite and I’d like to see that return. Anyhow, it’s a well-made sandwich, on good crusty baguette bread, with flavourful fresh pesto, lettuce, tomato and juicy chicken.


I’d probably like a few more crisps (chips) but that’s just personal preference.


My favourite so far is definitely the meatball sub, which is great value at 8,000 (all the sandwiches are priced between 8,000 and 9,000 won). Big juicy meatballs, well seasoned, good tomato sauce and some mozzarella hiding underneath. I’m a big guy but this filled me up. Recommended.


I’ve also had the pulled pork sandwich, which is similar to the old version that regulars may recall, served with pickled red onions. I got that as a takeaway after several beers last week and devoured it before it occurred to me to take a picture. So here’s a nice photo of their cappuccino instead. Just try to pretend it’s a pulled pork sandwich.


I haven’t had the eggplant, hummus and avocado sandwich, due to its being an eggplant, hummus and avocado sandwich (people should really stop ordering vegetarian sandwiches and just get with the whole meat-based programme). I should say that someone posted a photo of the sandwich on social media the other week which made it look less than impressive, but the new management of Fat Cat were quick to assure us that they would take all feedback into account and I’m sure that it’s been tweaked since then. Good for them for responding to customer concerns, though as far as I’m concerned, if you order vegetarian sandwiches you get what you deserve.


My favourite part of Fat Cat remains the small back patio, which has space for four or five tables. I even braved the rain last week to sit out and read the papers with a cup of coffee – but on a sunny afternoon, set back from the main road overlooking a quiet HBC back street, it’s delightful.


It’s good to see Fat Cat continuing to offer up good fresh food to the community here, and I do hope they will bring some breakfast / brunch items in soon. The reduced size of the kitchen facilities may limit what they can produce, so unfortunately we may not get the full breakfasts that some of us used to enjoy, but we’ll see.

  • Category: Sandwich/ Café
  • Price: $$$$
  • Must try:  Meatball sub (8,000 won)
  • Subway: Noksapyeong Station (녹사평역) exit 2
  • Directions: Fat Cat is on the HBC main drag opposite Bonny’s pizza. Coming from the subway, walk up the road towards Namsan with the US base on your left, and follow the road left at the kimchi pots. Fat Cat will be on your right after three or four minutes.
  • Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11am – late.


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