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Review: The Little Pie in Gyeongnidan

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Inexcusably, it’s been a month since I posted in this blog. It’s not like I’ve not been eating; on the contrary. I guess most of my visits have been to places that I know and love already, so there wasn’t much to post.


Anyway. Always on the lookout for something approximating food from home, and alerted by Gemma, I headed up to the Street Churros street in Gyeongnidan, which is not a locale I often go to, despite the presence there of one of my favourite bars (that’s a subject for another post). The destination was The Little Pie, which promises a hot filled meat pie which where I come from is the foundation of a good meal.


The food menu at Little Pie is extremely minimalist; there’s chicken pie, and meat pie. Also some nachos. That’s it. On my first visit, the meat pie wasn’t available, so chicken pie it was.


I was underwhelmed. It wasn’t that little a pie; goodly-sized with a very nice crust. But the filling was, for me, distinctly meh. Then again, it was a chicken and mushroom pie and I loathe mushroom, so it wasn’t really a fair benchmark for The Little Pie, or any pie, to meet.


Between the somewhat ungenerous chicken to mushroom ratio and my hatred of mushroom, I departed a little unsatisfied but willing to give it another shot. In fairness, it was a nicely made pie, and if you like chicken and mushroom, you may well find it to your liking.

Second time round, the meat pie was available, and I tucked in.


This was much more like it, for me. Plenty of meat, well cooked, the onions just nicely caramelised. The overall flavour was a bit peppery and a bit sweet – a bit too sweet for my tastes, but not overly so. The sauce was, I don’t know, just a little bland, lacking a bit of meatiness – back home it would probably have a stronger, meatier, more gravy-like taste – but it wasn’t at all bad. Again, the crust was perfect, just so.


Both pies are currently priced at 4,500 won, which is very fair indeed, and for another 1,000 you get your choice of bottomless soft drink from a soda fountain. No beers, no sides, nothing else, at least at the time of writing. If you come here and you don’t like pie, you’re out of luck.


The interior is much more like a cafe than a restaurant, and very funky – a nice place to pass an hour or so on a warm day. And indeed there is coffee available once you’re all pie-d out.


I’d probably love Little Pie more if they had some craft beers to go with your pie, or some mashed potato to help soak up the sauce. Since they do takeaway, that would probably be my preferred option in the future, popping the pie in my little Samsung oven to reheat while I make some mash, Bisto gravy from a packet and crack open a can of Guinness. Pop a replay of Scotland losing a rugby match on the telly, and it’ll be just like home.

  • Category: British / Australian
  • Price: $$$$
  • Must try: Meat pie
  • Subway: Noksapyeong Station (녹사평역) exit 2.
  • Directions: Little Pie is on the Street Churros street in Gyeongnidan. Approaching from Itaewon or the subway station in the direction of HBC, it’s the street with Chansbros Coffee on the corner. Little Pie is 50 yards up the road on the right.
  • Hours: Unknown.

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    September 27, 2015

    Beef pie far too sweet. Better if minced, not small chunks o’ beef.
    Chicken better, but far cry from the ones you get in Oz, Canada or ‘Murica.

    Not recommended.

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